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Are Genuine Auto parts better than OEM or Aftermarket car spare parts!

Genuine auto spare parts are made to the original car manufacturer’s specification and meet all requirements and quality control standards.They are labeled with the automobile manufacturers logo.The genuine part is supposed to last as much as the part the automobile came with from the factory.Such level of strict quality control and good warranty is the main reason why genuine parts are often comparatively expensive.

OEM Parts are not same as Genuine,When Automobile brand orders genuine replacement parts to be made they often contract to include OEM parts production.OEM parts are the same as genuine part only without the manufacturers logo.for example volkswagen have contracted NGK to build for them genuine parts,all while allowing NGK to sell exact same parts under their own brand the numbers and the packaging will differ but the parts will be the same.OEM parts are generally cheaper than genuine this is because they lack extended warranty you get with the genuine brand.Dealerships often use OEM replacement parts in place of genuine ones when you go in for service if genuine is not available.

Aftermarket replacement parts is where all kinds of stuff are made,some can be good as OEM some can be inferior.quality control is non existent some companies cheap out on materials to be more competitive thus leaving room for potential premature part failure.the aftermarket replacement parts should be approached with caution they can cause harm bottom line you get what you pay for.

We recommend use of Genuine parts if not available then a good OEM brand for superior quality,safety,perfect fit and longevity.


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