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An Oilfilter is a crucial component in a cars internal combustion engine.It removes contaminants from engine oil before getting into the engine.
It ensures clean lubrication and protection of engine moving parts which as a result extend engines lifespan and car performance.
It traps particles,debris and sludge that can damage engine parts.
Spin on is the most common type of filter in modern cars,it has a metal canister with a filter element inside it screws directly into the engine.
Once the oilfilter gets dirty and dusty through wear and tear it stops functioning effectively it’s advisable to replace with a new one Genuine or OEM.Performamce of a good oilfilter ranges between 5000kms to 10000kms depending on the quality.
Espareparts is a dealer of Genuine and OEM filters and service spare parts ranging from oil filters,air filters,cabin pollen filters,fuelfilter and many others

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