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How car water pump functions preventing overheating of engine

Water pump is a component of a cars cooling system whose main function is to circulate coolant through the engine block, radiator and heating system to maintain right operating temperature.

Consequences of faulty water pump

How water pump works water pump is driven by serpentine belt,timing belt or chain from crankshaft.It works by utilizing impeller to draw coolant from radiator and push it into the engine block.Once the coolant absorbs heat from the engine it is recirculated back to the radiator where it releases heat into the air before starting the cycle again.

If a water pump is broken or worn out it can lead to reduced performance,overheating of engine,which can cause severe damage such as warping of the cylinder head or block and eventually lead to engine failure or total breakdown.Early signs of a failing water pump are coolant leaks,whining noise or engine overheating It is important to fix the water pump as soon as possible to avoid such problems.

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