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Spark Plugs Denso,NGK,Bosch TT Iridium Platinum Car Spare Parts Genuine

iridium spark plugs ngk mitsubishi pajero outlander rvr bkr6eix-11

Spark plugs Denso,NGK, Bosch iridium platinum car spare parts.

spark plugs are components of a car ignition system that helps start engine.They make tiny sparks which ignite the air/fuel mixture in engine cylinder,creating explosion which makes the car engine produce power.

Over time spark plugs become worn out or fouled which can cause engine to have rough idle or misfire leading to poor fuel efficiency.

We recommend replacing worn out spark plugs with Genuine plugs to keep the engine at its peak and efficient levels and fuel economy.

Espareparts is a trusted Genuine spark plugs dealer in Kenya.We strive to ensure you get quality spark plugs at best prices

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